Please note that Clear Alchemy is currently closed and not accepting new orders for the foreseeable future. Thank you to all our customers for your support over the years.


Clear Alchemy offers premium cosmetics and bath and beauty supplies, all guaranteed to be completely free of toxic chemicals.

Many bath and body small business owners sell products labeled as all-natural, or implying that the products are all natural. But sometimes this language is very misleading. In some cases the ‘natural’ descriptor actually only applies to the main ingredients, and on closer inspection these ingredients often are not all-natural at all. More importantly, all natural doesn’t always mean better! In fact, there are times when a synthetic ingredient is a safer alternative.

Far too often, harmful chemicals are allowed into food products and cosmetics that should not be there in the first place. Why not avoid these chemicals whenever possible?

All Clear Alchemy products are safe and clean, and transparently labeled with all of the ingredients used to create them (see Ingredients). We do not use any of the chemicals found in mass produced cosmetics, especially preservatives. When you purchase a Clear Alchemy product, you can be confident that you are getting exactly what is in the list of ingredients – and nothing else. You have our promise on that!

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